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I create and manage affordable marketing campaigns to ensure that your business stands out from the crowd. I offer a complete set of project managed marketing opportunities including: email campaigns and newsletters, website updates, SEO friendly copywriting, public relations, press coverage, stress free social media and event management.

I work with graphic designers, website developers and photographers and can connect you to a group of highly creative people interested in extending the on and off line reach of your brand.

While you are busy managing the everyday success story that is your business, I will create and activate a ‘big picture’ marketing strategy to match your plans for growing your market share and connecting directly with new and current customers.


I graduated with distinction in Bachelor in Marketing from the Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology (RMIT). After gaining a decade of diverse marketing experience in Melbourne and London I returned to Yallingup with my English husband and two daughters. As a freelance marketing consultant I am passionate about promoting local businesses, and I apply the professionalism and panache from my corporate background to work for your business.

Having me on your team is a cost effective way to have a savvy, dedicated marketing manager without the expense and effort of hiring someone ‘in house’.




Remarketing Margaret River

I’ve long been a fan of the wonderful work of our local tourism organisation, so I was absolutely thrilled to be asked to manage Margaret River Busselton Tourism Association’s Winter Deals remarketing campaign.


What is remarketing?


It’s a clever and cost effective way to reconnect with people who’ve visited your website but may not have purchased. It works by placing a cookie on your computer when you visit certain webpages. Then later, when you’re browsing Google-affiliated pages such as WAToday, The Age or your favourite blog, you’ll see adverts related to the page you’d viewed. So in this instance, people who had visited the accommodation pages at were shown ads about Winter Deals in the Margaret River region. The ads click through to a page full of special offers for restaurants, wineries, breweries, tours and accommodation. It may convert people who had been considering a holiday, and sell extra services and products to people who have already booked their accommodation.'s remarketing ad


How can remarketing help me?


Sometimes we take a while to make a decision. Perhaps we’re just browsing, checking prices or comparing different options. A good remarketing campaign can capture the attention of people who are possibly still considering your product and service. You can give them a special offer and dedicated landing page, like the Margaret River example above.


Mad About Tuscany Tours have had great success using Google AdWords to find new clients in Australia, UK, Europe and America. They have fantastic Tripadvisor reviews, but the decision making process to book a tour can take weeks if not months. This is why we use remarketing to reconnect and bring potential clients back to the site. We also use electronic newsletters, but that’s another blog topic, another day!

Remarketing ad for Mad About Tuscany Tours

Want to know more about AdWords and remarketing?

Give me a call on 0409 084 737 – I look forward to chatting!



Customers’ reward points aid quake victims

Cape Cellars’ customers and business owner Rob Zahtila raised $3,500 for the World Vision Nepal Earthquake Appeal.


Studies show that loyalty program members like the opportunity to share rewards with family and friends, or to donate rewards to charities. Cape Cellars supports many local community groups and charities and this was the first time customers had been invited to participate.


We sent an email newsletter inviting customers to donate their points, and 139 customers gave $1,728.29 in points and cash. Rob matched each donation, bringing the total to $3,500.


“We have a generous, community minded population that comes through the store” said Rob.

Cape Cellars' customers donate reward points to Nepal earthquake appeal




I recently had the pleasure of writing copy for Zest Flowers‘ new website and brochure. Bridget Lukin supplies Dunsborough’s freshest flowers and brightest blooms. Her studio and Instagram feed is filled with an abundance of native Australian blooms. From silvery eucalypts to hot pink everlastings, sculptural proteas to the zigzag of banksias. Zest Flowers is located opposite Yallingup Coffee Company, at the rear of Fusion Blue on Naturaliste Terrace Dunsborough.

Thank you The Competition for the copywriting job. Joel Ebsworth did a fab job on graphic design.

Zest Flowers Dunsborough



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Client Recommendations

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Carlo and I are extremely happy with all the work that you have done for us over the 4+ years - thank you!

- Sioban, Wildwood Valley

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Lizzy is a significant and valued member of our team... [it's] a pleasure to have her involved in our business.

- Rob, Cape Cellars

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Thanks Lizzy, you've captured exactly what we're about on our website, blog & newsletters. We love your work!

- Lincoln, McLeod Tours

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